Sunday, December 3, 2006

vegan cooking videos

demonstrating cooking techniques through video has long been a popular method for learning. more traditionally seen on cable television, cooking shows allow people to better understand the process of turning a recipe into a reality by offering visual aids along with just the cold hard facts of ingredients and measurements.

one of the benefits of the world wide web is that lots of money and large audiences are not requirements for the creation of things like cooking shows. while post punk kitchen aired on public access in new york from 2003-2005, a vegan cooking show has never been featured on national television. however, plenty of appreciation exists for vegan cooking videos on the web, as evidenced by the placement and viewing history of four episodes of post punk kitchen on google videos.

our first video is my favorite cooking video, for two reasons: it's about pizza, my favorite food; secondly, the author does a great job of making a cooking video exciting!

this video is from the aforementioned vegan cooking show post punk kitchen. this is episode two, in which they feature valentine's day treats.

feel free to comment, and if you have a link to a vegan cooking video you like, please share it!

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